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What will the Netbusker’s Folkshoppe be?

Well, I have a title: The Netbusker’s Folkshoppe.

This will be the third podcast I’ve started. The first was the short-lived Angryfolk Music and Infantile Comedy Show. The second was Happy Jacks RPG Podcast, and now this.

When I decided to “retire” from Happy Jacks, I knew I wanted to do a podcast, and I wanted it to involve music.

One interest I’ve developed recently has been history, so I’ve decided to try to combine music and history into one show.

So here’s the plan: each episode, I’ll pick a traditional folk song and talk about the history of the song or the event the song describes, etc. I’ll also include one of my original songs as well.

As with any podcast, things will change and evolve as I get episodes recorded, and quite frankly, I’m excited to see how it’ll change.

As for frequency and such, this show will have a lot more front-loaded work than my RPG podcast, so I’m not sure how often episode will be released yet. I’ll probably record several of them as a miniature season (maybe 5 episodes at a time) and release them weekly. Then there’ll be a gap before the next mini season.

If you’re interested in hearing the kind of music I’m planning on recording, you can head over to TikTok (@netbusker) and hear the one video I’ve posted on this account.

Why Hello World!

Welcome to the home of the Net Busker!

This is my new (or upcoming, I suppose) project, and here’s what it’s all about.

About every two weeks, I’m going to release a podcast episode featuring two songs, one original and one traditional (that’s the plan at least).

The show will feature other stuff as time goes on, including stories, maybe some jokes or comedy, possibly interviews, guest artists, etc.