Netbusker’s Folkshoppe Number One

The Netbusker’s Folkshoppe Number One
by Stu Venable

So far the album is available on:
– TikTok (as snippets for videos)
– YouTube (and their music service)
– Pandora
– Spotify
– Amazon Music


  1. The Baltimore Fire (Traditional)
  2. Henry Me Son (Traditional)
  3. John Barleycorn (Must Die) (Traditional)
  4. The Battleship of Maine (Traditional)
  5. That Bastard John Barleycorn (by Stu Venable)
  6. Pass the Hat (by Stu Venable)
  7. The Wellerman (Traditional)
  8. Lord Randall (Traditional)
  9. John Barleycorn (Shall Die Right Here) (by Stu Venable)
  10. Drink Til I Die (by Stu Venable)
  11. This Pub That We Call Home (by Stu Venable)

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