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NBFS02-01 Netbuskers’ Folkshoppe – Will Ye No Come Back Again and A Diamond Ring

The Netbuskers’ Folkshoppe is back! It’s been nearly a year since Season 1, and we’re back with new hosts, new songs and some nonsense.
Please welcome Greg “Stork” Wilson and Phil Schwadron to the show.
In this episode we present two songs: Will Ye No Come Back Again, a Jacobite song, and A Diamond Ring, an original tune by Stu Venable.
We’re experimenting with the format of the show, and as we like to say, it’s a work in progress.
If you have any feedback for us, or if you’d like to contribute to the conversation, please feel free to email us at:

NBFS01-03 Netbusker’s Folkshop, a folk music podcast, Lord Randall & Henry Me Son


Welcome back to the third episode of the Netbusker’s Folkshoppe! In this episode, I’ll play for you Lord Randall (Actually Jimmy Randolph, I suppose) and Henry Me Son.

You can support the show through patreon.com/netbusker or ko-fi.com/thenetbusker.

In the next month or so, all of the songs from Season One will be available through most online music outlets. More details on that later.

If you’d like to email comments on the show, you can email me at contact@netbusker.net.

NBFS01-01 Netbusker’s Folkshoppe, A Folk Music Podcast – Wellerman and Drink Til I Die


Welcome to the first episode of the Netbusker’s Folkshoppe. In this episode you will find a brief introduction and two songs: The Wellerman and Drink Til I Die.

The Wellerman, a New Zealand whaling shanty, has been enjoying an internet craze for the last two or three years, and Drink Til I Die, featured on the Poxy Boggards’ CD Anchor Management, was written by Stu Venable in 2007.

If you have any feedback regarding this episode, please email me at contact@netbusker.net.