Working on the Studio…

My tin sign.

I’m transforming my garage from the home of Happy Jacks to the Netbusker’s Folkshoppe. I made the metal sign (pictured above) as a sort of inaugural decoration. Haven’t put it up yet, but it turned out well.
(I dabble with ink sublimation, which is an image heat transfer process).

I’ve started researching and recording songs for the first season of the Folkshoppe. I expect it’ll be five episodes, with two songs in each episode. Once each episode has been released, I’ll publish all the songs as an “album” (we need a more modern term for a collection of songs). They’ll be available for purchase and streaming practically everywhere.

So far, I’ve identified and arranged three of the five folk songs. Still not certain which original songs I’ll record. This morning I finished the track for “Baltimore Fire,” which is a song about the Great Baltimore Fire of 1904.

I kinda lucked out with Baltimore Fire, as I picked it at random, but it’s a damn catchy song.

I’ll post more updates whenever there’s something I feel is of interest.